To use or Not to Use: Food Expiration Dates

Remember to use your senses! If it looks, smells or tastes off, be cautious.

Use By

Means: The day the quality of the item lasts 

Does not Mean: The day the item spoils 

     After the use by date

  • the quality may decrease quickly 
  • the safety in using product may decrease 

Sell By: 

Means: Aimed at the sellers of the item to let them know when the item should be removed from store shelf-life or sold

Does not Mean:  The date the item spoils 

     After sell by date     

  • Generally, 1/3 of the product's shelf life still remains

Best By: 

Means: Aimed at the consumers of the item to let them know how long the ideal quality will last until 

Does not Mean: The date the item spoils